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building your vibe

Your brand is everything seen, heard and used in operating your business. When your style, integrity and work ethic is reflected in all areas of your worklife, others who share your values are more likely to stay loyal to your brand and feel confident in recommending you. Being remembered for the right reasons is the key.

Keeping your brand vibe on track can be tricky as your company grows but not so much, if you have a brand styleguide as a point of reference for everyone. Styleguides usually start as moodboards and should be one of the first curated pieces your designer uses to visually set the look and feel of your brand. As more elements are required in your business collateral, a moodboard can evolve into a styleguide to underpin your brand’s personality:

  • fonts
  • colours
  • photography style
  • company vision
  • signage
  • interior design
  • uniforms
  • newsletters
  • advertisements
  • customer care
  • packaging experience
  • website
  • shopping cart
  • social media style

Styleguides are shared with anyone who works with your business development from designers, planners and strategists to account managers and new employees. Styleguides are an essential reference that gives everyone the same message.