logo design

Other than your brand name, your logo is one of the most important things people notice about your business. It visually sends a combined message out about your style, relevance and purpose.

Designing a logo for the first time is a process that includes discovering your: brand identity; target audience and point of difference. Gwynneth’s aim is to design a brand that makes you feel proud when doing with your clients and suppliers.


Telling the right story about your business brand is critical. But the truth is, no logo design stays relevant forever. As your business changes, what spoke volumes when you first started, may no longer make sense if your business has grown substantially. If your business is using an out dated logo, talk with Gwynneth at gDesign about redesigning your brand so it sends the right message about your success.


Below are: brands; emblems; icons and logos designed or redesigned by Gwynneth – gDesign