concept design

Concept design is the art of visually bringing ideas together so everyone involved can see the ‘bigger picture’. Concept design works best when it’s started in the initial stages of a project. Gwynneth spends time with her clients exploring the look and feel of their ideas before putting them down on paper. This valuable time ensures all the ‘must haves’ her client desires are included. Gwynneth’s concept design methods are: mood boards; photoshop mockups; floorplan concepts and room design concepts.

concept methods

mood boards: assist with the visualisation and development of a concept using an arrangement of images, materials and text to evoke the style and essence of the brand.
photoshop mockups: photos can also be taken of existing building or room and then photoshopped with new: paint; signage; furniture. This method is particularly useful when seeking permission from landlords or when requesting council approvals.
floorplan concepts: are loosely based on room dimensions like a ‘mud map’ and help you easily get your vision across to the shop fitters and carpenters before they add ‘their flare’.
room design concepts: are perfect to show the finer details to tradespeople and help to minimalize the chance of miscommunication by ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Should you need to quickly and effectively demonstrate an idea; have trouble visualising how the overall concept will all look; or you need to seek council approval before you repaint; contact Gwynneth at gDesign for a concept design so you can get your project started with a clear concept.


Below are concept design samples used in the Beauty Lounge project by Gwynneth – gDesign