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gDesign is my boutique freelance design studio and I’ve been delivering creative design solutions for small businesses, publishers and agencies¬†since 1997. My passion is working collaboratively with my clients and building lasting relationships.

I enjoy the spontaneity of being a freelance designer. I love where my job takes me. With my laptop balancing on my suitcase, I’ve sent newspaper ads from Singapore’s Passenger Terminal, had chickens peck at my nailpolished toes as I’ve finished off artwork in a Balinese printshop and had the honour of working on a diversity project for Walt Disney, Florida. The people I meet and experiences I have along the way, make me a better designer.

A typical week, at gDesign, goes from creating logos, laying out magazines, styling home interiors and posting social media content to being the freelance designer you rely on to help out when your studio is swamped and the work is piling up.

Let’s do coffee – can’t wait to see where I go next!

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my name is Gwynneth…

I’m a freelance designer and I am here to make your life easier.

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